Terms and Conditions

Information about the seller

Petit Knitting ehf / Skipholt 25 / 8498303 / stroff@stroff.is

Petit Knitting reserves the right to cancel orders, for example due to incorrect price information, or to stop offering any products without notice. 


Payments are handled by our partner Rapyd, a leading online and e-commerce payment solutions company. They operate internationally, offering services to partners, merchants, banks, and cardholders around the world.

More information about Rapyd - https://www.rapyd.net/is/ 

Product delivery

All orders are processed immediately once payment has been confirmed. The patterns are available as pdf documents for download in the next step after payment confirmation. The buyer will also receive a confirmation e-mail including a link to the pattern download.

The price of goods and delivery costs

There will never be any shipping costs for patterns as there is no shipping needed.  The patterns are delivered electronically.

The return and exchange of goods

There is no right of returning or exchanging our patterns. If there is a disagreement about our patterns we will by any means necessary resolve the matter so everyone can be happy. It would preferably in the form of correcting errors in patterns, or assistance with understanding them.

Faulty product

If the product is defective we offer the customer assistance in correcting the fault.

In other respects reference is made to the general consumer laws in Iceland.


The seller promises the purchaser to handle all information as confidential. Information will not under any circumstances be distributed to third parties.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This agreement is in accordance with Icelandic legislations. Any legal actions because of it shall be brought before the District Court of Reykjavik (if the company is domiciled in Reykjavik) or District Court of Reykjanes.